5 Social Media Predictions for 2013�


Well, it�s that time of the year again folks, when social media psychics such as ourselves put on our headscarves, (headphones) invite you into our tent of wonders (warehouse loft spaces) and gaze into our crystal balls (iPads) to make predictions about the year ahead, based on what we�ve learned from years gone by. Sit back, relax and choose the lottery numbers 7, 34, 56 and 2�

Social Search

We�ve seen the beginnings of change this year with Twitter feeds being incorporated into Google search results, but we predict that 2013 will be the year that social search really takes off. For one thing, Facebook has been�dropping hints�all over the shop that it�s planning a move into search, which means marketers would be well-advised to start investigating what this could mean for social strategies.


Content Quality over Content Volume

The need for targeted content isn�t going to go away�in fact, 2013 is likely to see even more demand for content in all its forms. The difference will be, however, that while the content boom has seen many brands choosing to opt for high volumes of content in a bid to boost SEO, we�re predicting this will be the year that sifts the mediocre from the extraordinary, and quality, trained content creators will be in higher demand than ever.


2012 was all about the video boom, and 2013 holds the potential for an even bigger rise in video content and consumption.�With new technology that allows more customisation and user engagement with video content, we�re predicting that brands and agencies alike will be investing more time and money into creating targeted video content.

Tougher Competition

With social media budgets growing and brands (for the most part) onboard with the idea of investing in social and digital, the competition among marketers is set to grow as well. This can only mean good things for the industry as a whole � raising the bar and forcing us to put our skills where our mouths are. Brands now know a lot more about the mechanisms of social and digital marketing, which means simply having a social presence �because you have to� is not going to cut it. 2013 will be the year where marketers and brands alike have to delve deeper into the �why� of social media, bringing strategies into line and embracing long-terms relationships as opposed to short-term like-building and gimmicks.

Facebook & Pinterest

We�re all familiar with Facebook�s �if you can�t beat �em, buy �em� strategy, and we�ll eat our Buddy Holly glasses and ironic moustaches if Facebook � or another major player � doesn�t at least show some interest in acquiring the thriving network�

What about you? Any social media predictions for 2013? �Have we left anything off the list?


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