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A giant leap

CPA Australia secures an interview with Neil Armstrong – and shows how content marketing should be done

Neil Armstrong then…

Now this is exactly what we have been talking about. Through The Message, Tick Content has long argued that companies big and small should start thinking of themselves as publishers. That’s not to say they should suddenly abandon their core business practice and offering in favour of trying to become the next Rupert Murdoch.

But it does mean taking a business-like approach to the content they are producing and understanding that, as was revealed in the recent Tick Yes survey, the majority of people follow and engage with brands because of the content they are producing.

This means making content work for you. Yes, that can involve talking about your product but it’s more about giving readers a reason to keep coming back to your website and about engaging them. Which ultimately translates into sales.

The Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia clearly understand that. On the surface of things, being an astronaut and being an accountant are – literally – worlds apart. But who doesn’t find space exploration fascinating? And who wouldn’t like to get the insights of the first man to set foot on the moon – especially since that man, the notoriously reclusive Neil Armstrong, so rarely gives interviews.

…and now

In an incredible coup, CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley secured an hour of Armstrong’s time and talked to him about everything from the historic Apollo 11 moon landing to his thoughts on leadership and taking risks to innovate for the future. You can see the four-part interview here.

Does the Armstrong chat have anything to do with accounting? Not really. But is it of interest to people who may want CPA’s services? Absolutely. Is news of the interview-securing coup spreading quickly across traditional and social media alike, thereby generating publicity for CPA Australia and vastly more visits to its website? Yes. Is it using content to ‘reinvent’ a boring brand? Yes.

Is this content marketing at its best? Yes.


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