A Life in Social Media

It�s content, it�s creative, but is it �Art�?


Director, producer, TED speaker, 3D VFX artist, compositor, animator, geek, educator, creative human person� that�s how Cesar Kuriyama describes himself. He is also someone who has taken the notion of living in � and on � social media to a whole new level. And in the process, he may just have turned it into an art form.

In March last year, The Message asked: �Have people become so addicted to social media that now everything has to be viewed through its prism? Are we shortly going to be at the point when eating dinner will be filmed and posted/live streamed? And speaking of streaming� What about going to the toilet? Or brushing teeth? Or opening the office door? Or painting a room (and watching said paint dry)? Is all that social media-worthy?�

Well, that�s precisely what Kuriyama has done. On turning 30, he decided to film one second every day for the rest of his life. His reasoning was simple: �When I turn 40, I�ll have a one-hour video that encapsulates my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I�ll have a five-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life.�

Here�s what he�s come up with so far�

So what do you think? Is Kuriyama creating social media art, or is this the action of a narcissist? Either way, if the number of views the video has received (well over a million) on various social media channels like Vimeo and YouTube is anything to go by, it�s proving enormously popular.

And, potentially, it is proving lucrative, with an app funded by crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter set to be launched. Talk about creative content!


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