A Star is Tweeting…I Mean Born

What�s not to love about Robbie Williams? He can sing, dance and transfix a crowd with his charisma and the feeling that he�s �one of us�. I witnessed this first hand last month in Singapore at his outdoor concert.
Just before he came on at 10.30pm the rain started pelting down and didn�t stop for his whole performance. Instead of sheltering under cover with the rest of his band he came out and was saturated within minutes as he put on a magical show. It made for an unforgettable experience.

So too is the birth of your child. But when it�s Robbie Williams� child, it�s SHOWTIME!

Thanks to some nifty live tweeting the whole world joined Robbie as his wife Ayda Field went through labour and gave birth to their second child. Words, videos�and�pictures caught every stage of the process.

You can say that he has one INCREDIBLY understanding wife; and you�d be right. But given the number of retweets, favourites and news stories you could also ask why we need to voraciously devour every detail of celebrities� lives. It�s as if their music, movies and books etc. are�no longer enough. This pressure seems to compel some celebrities to allow access into parts of their lives that for most of us are incredibly private.

All of this begs a very human question though: if the performance never ends and the lights never go down, what happens to that person when we inevitably lose interest?


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Images Courtesy:� www.straitstimes.com, Youtube.com

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