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The infographic is rapidly becoming the online content provider’s best friend

Image from www.makeapowerfulpoint.com
Last year, phone manufacturer Ericsson carried out a studythat found that 35 per cent of Smartphone users check their apps before even getting out of bed in the morning.

That means that before we draw the curtains or make that much-needed first coffee, we’re already being bombarded with information and content. The amount of content we consume increases exponentially with each new innovation. The meteoric rise of Smartphone use is due in part to a need to put a filter between us and the intimidating wall of content waiting for us – hence apps, which streamline and segment the various content forms and genres.

But here’s the catch… Smartphones actually create more opportunities for content creation and distribution. This means that the device originally created to help us deal with the sheer volume of content out there actually contributes to the mass.

There is an increasing need for something that condenses the information we need – or want – to find, and because we’re an increasingly visual bunch, the infographic slots very nicely indeed into that space.

Sure, the infographic is not exactly a revolution – for as long as boring conferences have existed, people have been displaying important information visually. And yet the modern infographic certainly blows any Powerpoint presentation out of the water.

Equal parts form and function, the infographic is emblematic (see what we did there?) of a merging of the scientific and artistic in modern society. Geeks have become trendy, nerds have become cool, your choice of laptop can indicate your personal politics and data has most certainly become art.

Naturally, there is no shortage of companies itching to get in on the infographic trend (check out the trend chart below to see how popular the term has become in recent years) and sites like lemon.ly are cashing in big time.

Check out some of our favourite infographics from the past few years:




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