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Angry Birds on Facebook

Who says online or social media content has to be boring?

If mobile gaming enthusiasts were looking for an extra-special Valentine’s Day present, then they certainly got their wish, with gaming powerhouse Rovio announcing that Angry Birds, the addictive avian adventure formerly restricted to use on smartphones, has made its debut on Facebook.

It’s hard to imagine a game with such a simple premise (not to mention a slightly violent attitude towards the poor birds) gaining such a huge following, but then again, it’s often the simplest inventions that catch on the quickest.

Since December 2009, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 700 million times. With Facebook’s recent IPO confirming that its business was primarily advertising and online games (Farmville anyone?), it’s no surprise that the most successful mobile gaming company and the most successful social network would eventually pair up.

Check out the trailer for Angry Birds on Facebook…


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