Are You Digital Ready?

Damn it.

This internet thing is not going away. We�ve tried ignoring it but it just keeps growing like topsy.

I guess it means we have to do something about it now. Double damn it.

Do you know organisations where this seems to be the overwhelming attitude? Stupid question; of course you do. In fact, it�s probably harder to spot the ones that are �digital ready� rather than the �digital denyers�.

There�s a very good reason for that: successful organisations run on successful systems. And how do you create successful systems? Trial and error, usually over a long period of time. So to introduce a new raft of guidelines to follow, platforms to maintain and contingencies to put in place is not easy. Putting it like that is it any wonder that risk averse people and organisations are late to the digital party.

But arrive they must.Blind

(If you�re in any doubt about the enormity of the changes brought about by the digital age, check out this infographic. And here�s another sobering thought: in terms of technological and behavioural evolution we�ve only just begun.)

The evidence is overwhelming; digital is a fundamental part of the daily lives of your customers. The imperative now is to work through any fears and internal impediments and do what needs to be done to better serve customers using digital tools and methods. That really is the essence of becoming a digital ready organisation.

You don�t need to set up umpteen committees to contemplate your corporate navel. You just need to focus on what will enable the organisation to most effectively understand customer needs and evolve your systems and offerings accordingly.

An important point to remember: elaborate flow charts and PowerPoint presentations do not a digital ready organisation make. I�ve seen some incredibly impressive documents setting out what the organisation should do but then that�s where everything stops.

We�re all in the �now what?� business. So the digital plan is in place, you have the opt-in email database, your website is optimised for conversion, your Google ads are live and your app is available for download. That�s the easy part done. Now you need to implement so that your digital program integrates with your other marketing and sales activities to ensure that you achieve your commercial objectives.

In other words, the hard work starts now.


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