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Australia’s online viewing habits revealed

New findings make interesting reading for content creators and marketers

Marketing research firm AC Nielsen has recently released its Australian Online Landscape Review for March. It makes interesting reading for content creators and content marketers alike.

Some of the Nielson findings support those of the recent Tick Yes/Nine Rewards Social Media Brand Interaction Survey, particularly the conclusion that an overwhelming number of Australian online consumers ‘trust earned media, such as word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of media and advertising.’

So to the Review findings…

In March 2012, there were 16.1 million Australians online for 27 billion minutes in which they viewed 42 billion pages. Staggering numbers – albeit largely consistent with the previous month’s figures.

Interestingly, the 50+ demographic represents the biggest chunk of online Australians (30.5 per cent), followed by the 35-49 age group (28.4 per cent) and 25-34 year olds (17.6 per cent). Perhaps surprisingly, 18-24 year olds only make up 8.4 per cent of online Australians.

The most popular brands come as no surprise, with Google and Facebook leading the charge. As a result, ‘Search Engines/Portals and Communities’ is the most popular category in the section of most interest to content marketers. Rounding out the top 10 are:

  • Entertainment
  • Telecom/Internet Services
  • Computers and Consumer Electronics
  • News and Information
  • Multi-category Commerce
  • Finance/Insurance/Investment
  • Travel
  • Government and Non-profit
  • Family and Lifestyles

In terms of social media, it was boy band One Direction’s appearance at the Logies that, predictably, generate the biggest buzz, although an honourable mention also goes to the Queensland Election.

And notably, there was a 19 per cent growth in mobile page views from February to March 2012, showing the impact Smartphones (and, to a lesser extent, tablets) have had on Australians’ Internet-access habits.

For online and social media content creators and marketers, offer yet more proof of the potential of the medium.


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