Best Social Media Tools for Business

Some tools meant for play have actually become good for work.  Take social media as an example.

It was originally designed to keep in touch with friends new and old, but businesses quickly found out that it is also good for them.  With it they could keep in touch with customers, content market, keep an eye on the competition and get a gauge of how good (or bad) they are doing.  There are many useful social media tools out there for different types of businesses; here are some of the most useful for both big and small enterprises.


This wonderful tool acts like a virtual Dropbox you can carry with you in any mobile device. You can also open it in any other mobile device or PC that has the program installed. Save something anywhere and get access to it anywhere. The freemium version offers limited file size, but is good enough for those who use it casually. Those who want to use it for huge files might want to upgrade to the premium version though.


This program helps you manage your Facebook and Twitter account in one place. It lets you see the latest Facebook shares and Twitter re-tweets and find out if your business was mentioned in any of the conversations.


This app lets business owners or their employees accept credit card payments even with just their smartphone or tablet. But be warned, it is not free as the service takes 2.75 percent of each transaction, but at this rate many small business owners do not mind the cost for the convenience.


Yes, I know you are going to say that this online communication tool is a productivity killer since it distracts your employees from their work.  Well, yes it does sometimes. But that depends on what your business is.  If you happen to have a business that requires your people to be able to get in touch with online customers quickly, or call from one department to another, then this is still the way to go.


Like TweetDeck this dashboard program also lets you manage multiple online platforms at once. But while TweetDeck only supports Facebook and Twitter, HootSuite can also accommodate LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi and MySpace.  It has a scheduling system that lets you pre-program posts for future sharing, which not just saves you time but can be used strategically to the advantage of your business.  It also keeps tracks of the shares, tweets and other conversations on the mentioned social media.  It is available in freemium and premium versions.


Let�s start with Pinterest first.  Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing network that lets users �pin� a photo of themselves, their interests and hobbies online.  Those who like those images can re-pin them.  Now PinReach helps you gauge your success on the Pinterest pages by providing you data on viewer activity and any impact. It can be used to set a digital marketing strategy since it is able to assess marketing interest and determine possible sales leads.


It�s essentially a management tool that helps you create great content for a storyboard. If you have a topic trending across different social media accounts storify lets you come up with new content by clicking and dragging the content of those posts, hyperlinks and other items. You can rearrange the added posts, add text and anything else then embed it into any website.

YouTube�s Audience Retention Report

This targeting tool can help save video producers the cost of a wide video campaign.  As many videos are modified to maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this tool helps you determine which audience is viewing your clips, monitors their viewing habits and adapts accordingly to those trends.  This tool has been listed by as one of the most important social media tools to come around in a long time.


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