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Bill, Say it Aint So

Bill Cosby, what were you thinking?

Perhaps in an attempt to contemporise his appeal, the 77 year old comedian launched a ‘meme generator’ on his site this week. All you had to do was select one of several images of Cosby and come up with a funny line that would then hopefully, from his point of view, go viral.

You can imagine some marketing guru convincing Cosby that it’s a great use of social media, that it would attract lots BILLof new, young fans and it would make you look so NOW!

It was a great theory.

There was only one eency weency problem: Cosby has faced allegations of sexual assault from several women for a number of years. And in the Wild West that is the internet, nothing is sanitised and nothing is forgotten.

It didn’t take long for the rude, crude and suggestive memes to start surfacing; as anyone who knows anything about social media knew they would. The meme generator and the memes disappeared from the site in record time and worldwide headlines followed. Not the outcome Mr Cosby was looking for.

All of which validates one of my favourite expressions: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


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Image Courtesy: http://www.owned.com/tag/bill+cosby/

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