Bonny brand Charlie

Here�s a content marketing challenge � how to turn Prince Charles into an accessible man of the people

Regardless of whether you�re a republican, a monarchist or really couldn�t give a flying fondue about the whole royal shebang, you�ve got to feel a little sorry for Prince Charles.

Ever since he was born 63 years ago his job has been �next in line to the throne�, meaning he�s essentially been waiting his whole life for his mum to die (which, as she enters her Diamond Jubilee year, isn�t looking likely) in order to have the sort of purpose most of us take for granted.

Overshadowed by his first wife and now effortlessly upstaged by his sons � who have become the pin-ups of the latest Cool Britannia movement � poor old Chazza nears official retirement age still waiting to take on the role he was literally born for.

You sometimes get the impression that he�d quite like to be left alone, let the succession pass to young Wills (supported by the lovely Kate) and potter around happily in organic fertiliser while still raising money for his favourite charities.

But no, he keeps plodding away, keeps trying to look like he belongs in a changing world. He�s on Twitter (both officially and, more entertainingly, unofficially) and now he�s become a weatherman:

As PR pitches go, it�s not a bad one, as it’s been picked up by traditional and new media around the world. And from a content marketing POV, it makes for good, engaging content, showing that the brand (in this case the Prince of Wales himself) isn�t nearly as stiff as everyone seems to think and actually has a sense of humour.

But still you can�t help thinking �don�t give up your day job�. Only, he hasn�t really got one�


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