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App content means now you too can be U2…

Have you ever listened to an album and thought, �I could do better than that!�? Have you ever wished you could really rock at an instrument, but could never be arsed putting in the hours and hours and hours of practice it takes to reach the required level? Have you every wanted the perfect ambient soundtrack for your latest YouTube masterpiece but don�t fancy paying royalties?

If you answered �yes� to any or all of the above, the new iPad app that is Scape could well be for you.

Co-created by legendary producer Brian Eno (the man responsible for the seminal sounds of, among others, David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay), Scape lets you literally build pieces of music by dragging pre-programmed, varied (and always varying) �elements� onto the screen until you have achieved your desired sonic mix.

To be honest, we think it looks better than it sounds � a fun way to while away a rainy afternoon rather than a serious compositional tool. But hey, we still prefer the sound created by reel-to-reel recording over digital, so what would we know?

So here, with explanation provided by the celebrated Mr E himself, is how it works…

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