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Trust social media to put a smile on your dial


Studies have proven that there is a definite physical health benefit to being hugged due to increased levels of oxytocin, which reduces blood pressure and therefore cuts the risk of heart disease. The psychological benefits are harder to measure, but it would have to be a cold, hard person who feels worse after a heartfelt hug.

But in an increasingly virtual world, when communication via social media is becoming the norm, physical contact isn�t always possible. So if you�ve had a crappy day at work dealing with rude customers or a self-absorbed, moronic boss or colleagues who think they are entitled to help themselves to your food, and could really do with a stress-releasing hug to put it all into (insignificant) perspective, where do you turn?

The answer, a little ironically, is social media itself, via cutely named website:

The brainchild of two New York-based graphic designers, who came up with the idea after a particularly lousy day in the office. Simply put, the pair wanted to create �a nice place to visit� on �one of those days�, so they made the site for people to record their virtual hugs, which can then be sent to loved ones or friends, or even used to make total strangers feel a little better.

Visit the website to see the results for yourself and, if you feel so inclined, offer up your own hug to someone who may need it. At a time when the dark side of social media has been showing itself with alarming frequency, it�s nice to see the sentimental but heart-warming opposite.


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