Case Study: How Digital Marketing Took a Business to the Next Level

Having an effective digital marketing strategy is central to creating a successful and recognisable brand in today�s digital age. With so many markets in a state of flux, being able to pivot in real-time to adapt to changing market needs is one of digital marketing�s key benefits.

casestudy_solarquotes_2SolarQuotes is a company that used digital marketing to do just that. The company helps Australians buy solar power for their homes and business.

Finn Peacock, CEO and Founder, started SolarQuotes with just $500 for Google Ads using the free wi-fi at his local public library. The company�s website now contains over 17,000 reviews of solar installers, solar panels and inverters.

Thanks to a strong digital marketing strategy, SolarQuotes now turns over about $3 million per year. While still a small business, there are several valuable lessons brand owners can learn from SolarQuotes� success.

Invest in Valuable Content.
To build those first Google Ads, SolarQuotes needed something to advertise. Over time, the company has built up an arsenal of articles, blog posts and practical tools to help its users navigate the solar market.

These types of articles aren�t just general information about the industry, they contain useful and actionable advice and tools for their audience. You can read about how a specific product like The Sonnen Battery has an unclear warranty or about how leaders in the industry, like Tesla, are faring.

These articles highlight the key thing your content needs to perform well both organically and with paid ads: real value for your target audience. Don�t get too excited though�it�s not enough to just provide value. Your content must end up in front of the right eyes.

Leverage PPC ads wisely.
For SolarQuotes, these paid ads came in the form of Google Ads. There are many other options, like working with advertising technology that re-targets prospects, or social media ads that find a home for your content in already built niche audiences.

The SolarQuotes team has spent six years building up their Adwords account into a �highly optimised machine,� and therefore can rely on their ability to successfully target the market.

That initial $500 I told you about earlier�that went towards design, coding and the cost of clicks.

Peacock explained his strategy to The Sydney Morning Herald:

“I put up the website, tested the concept and when it looked like it had legs, I started spending on the credit card.” His next outlay was around $3,000 on advertising. “I only did it after I was confident that I would get a return,” said Peacock.

These Google ads helped him drive traffic to his website, but once these audience members were there, he had to figure out a way to keep them there.

solarquote_facebookGrow your Audience and Keep them Happy.
The company kept their audience with organic (in other words free) strategies. In addition to its website, SolarQuotes has several social media channels for which they have built a pretty robust following.

Their Facebook (26,000 likes), Twitter (791 followers with tweets every day), Google+ (423 followers), RSS, YouTube and Pinterest accounts all work toward distributing their content and allowing them to engage with their highly-active audience.

Build Media Relationships.
They didn�t just stop with content. SolarQuotes developed a mobile strategy that would allow them to harness the power of technology via apps.

The company featured several �Current Solar Incentive� apps on various media websites like The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, Weather Zone and more. They didn�t just talk about their product either, they grew their audience by talking about their success story, and putting a face behind their brand.

Customer Testimonials
Most importantly, SolarQuotes saw huge digital marketing success with their customer testimonials.

Their website features numerous testimonials from real customers and includes a blog that focuses solely on solar panel issues that customers may experience.

These testimonials and articles help build trust with new prospects that find SolarQuotes on the web and drive more leads for their business every day.

SolarQuotes� success makes for a great story, but it isn�t unique. Businesses across the world are finding success by taking their digital marketing strategies to the next level.

There is one thing you can do to ensure your digital marketing success�ensure that the content, messaging and media coverage you promote is valuable to your audience. It�s through them that your business will inevitably grow.

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