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The Message presents… a year of Gotye parodies

If the past year could be described in one song and one song only, we’re betting most Aussies would come up with the same answer.

Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know shot to stardom soon after its release, making its way around the Internet quicker than photos of Prince Harry’s crown jewels in Vegas. It was something about the sentiment of the song (breakups – everyone’s had one) combined with the weirdly alluring video (body paint and a ’70s mise en scène) and of course, the catchy tune, that had people so enthralled.

And, as with anything that makes its way into pop culture consciousness these days, soon enough the memes and parodies began flowing. Here, we share with you our top five parodies in the year since the single was released. Happy chuckles!

The Star Wars That I Used To Know

The true measure of success in this day and age is not awards, record sales or exposure. No, the true measure of success is having a Star Wars parody made about you. And as far as Star Wars parodies go, this is a good ’un.

Walk Off The Earth

Not so much a parody as a clever homage, Canadian band Walk Off The Earth made an immediate name for itself after cashing in on the hit’s popularity.

Some Music That I Used To Love

After getting sick of all the attention the single was getting, Eric Schwartz made this response. A parody about the parodies. And the overplaying. And the fact that it was everyone’s ringtone…

Muppets Do Gotye

Everybody loves Muppets, and these ones sure are down with pop culture!

Brett Ratton Parody

AFL news now, and Carlton Football Club has sacked coach Brett Ratton after an unsuccessful season. Which, for anybody who doesn’t support Carlton (or even like AFL), is doubtless hardly worth mentioning. Unless, of course, you turn it into a Gotye parody… in which case it becomes a lot more interesting!

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