Caught in the (copyright) act

The whole issue of content piracy has just taken a deliciously ironic twist

Anyone who has watched a non-pirated DVD in the last decade would probably be familiar with the following government warning:

Remember the catchy jingle? Well, it�s at the centre of what is probably the most ironic news story to appear since this one.

Dutch musician Melchior Rietveldt has been awarded �60,000 in damages after noticing the track he produced for �a local film festival� popping up on every second DVD he rented.� He took his concerns to royalty agency Buma/Stemra and was awarded �15,000 as an advance, but then needed to commence legal proceedings against the agency in order to get the remaining money. In addition to this a judge has awarded him a further �60,000, taking his total earnings up to �104,000.

Now, we may not be mathematicians, but that seems like a fairly paltry amount in comparison to the amount of DVDs that were sold bearing that message.

Then again, if the damages sum was awarded based on how many people were swayed against piracy by the advert itself, then we�re guessing it�s more than generous.


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