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Now ‘celebrities’ get to live the refugee life

If you missed the first series of SBS’s compelling, confronting Go Back To Where You Came From (and the online and social media content it generated as a result of the subsequent conversation), a new series has just been announced for later this year.

At first glance, it looks like the multicultural broadcaster has jumped on the tacky celebrity bandwagon (think Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Masterchef, Celebrity Millionaire) in the desperate hope that name-recognition (even when the names belong to distinctly D-list celebs) will boost ratings.

But then you realise the first series of the show – in which six people from different backgrounds, attitudes and political views took the trip asylum seekers who land in Australia take, only in reverse – struck such a chord with the Australian public that SBS doesn’t need such gimmicks. And then you note that the six famous names have been so well-chosen that this series promises to be even more fascinating.

The six are:

  • Peter Reith – Cabinet minister in the Howard government;
  • Angry Anderson – musician, outspoken conservative and wannabe National Party political candidate;
  • Michael Smith – ex-radio ‘shock jock’;
  • Catherine Deveny – controversial writer and tweeter of Bindi Irwin infamy;
  • Imogen Bailey – Neighbours starlet (oh, SBS, you actually are doing the desperate D-lister pitch) and animal rights activist (or maybe you’re not…);
  • Allan Asher – probably the least well-known of the bunch, a former Commonwealth Ombudsman and leading consumer advocate.

Will their experiences cause long-held views to be changed, or will they be confirmed. And while we’re at it, which ‘celebrity’ or public figure would you like to send on this undeniably eye-opening journey?


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