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The new White Paper from Tick Content explains how quality content allows companies to find their voice and fully engage with consumers…

Bill Gates coined the term ‘content is king’ back in 1996. Sixteen years on, the need for companies to invest in content marketing, to connect with and engage with their customers through quality content in all its forms � words, images, sounds and more � has only become more important. For many organisations, though, the question is: how do we do that?

Content marketing experts Tick Content � the company behind The Message � has just released a new White Paper that explains the importance of content and how organisations can make it work for them.

The White Paper includes detailed case studies and examples of quality content and also examines some of the myths behind important content-related issues including search engine optimisation and the Google algorithm and the impact and influence of social media.

Content is both a means to an end and the end itself. It allows companies to find their voice and use that voice in a distinctive, consistent manner. Whether that’s through an online magazine/blog like The Message, through newsletters, websites, YouTube videos or Facebook and Twitter posts, content creates engagement, allowing real and lasting connections to be formed with the consumer.

To download the White Paper, please click here.


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