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Contemporary Art v’s Street Art?

Thanks to our school holiday guest blogger – 12 year old Laura.

Is Street Art real art or just graffiti?

Public places are filled with Street Art, it is a way to let younger generations and older generations with pure talent express themselves in the name of art.

The councils don’t actually look into the art that is painted they just tell people to paint over it.  Is this fair?

Contemporary art is also a way of expressing yourself  just on a canvas in a studio rather than on the street for everyone who passes it to see.  Contemporary is a much rounder clear style and actually has a picture to follow, unlike the Street Art which has nothing to follow but is more just a way of that person.

Some street art is actually re-interpreted and painted onto canvases and hung in galleries with no recognition for the real artist.


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Image Courtesy: Banksy, www.unurth.com


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