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Content call-out

With a clever plan behind it, content marketing can’t be beaten…

Clever, clever, clever, Jimmy Kimmel.

A few weeks ago, the US late-night talk show host put out a call for parents to film their children’s reactions to being told their parents had eaten all of their Halloween ‘candy’. He then asked them to post the results to YouTube with the title: ‘Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy’.

The response was overwhelming, but even more special was the cleverly thought out content procurement plan Jimmy Kimmel’s team of marketers had in place.

Firstly, without having to lift a finger, they had thousands of online videos for content, all featuring a title tag with Jimmy Kimmel’s name in it. With YouTube being owned by none other than Google, kings of search, you can only imagine what that did for the show’s SEO and online profile. What’s more, they were then able to leverage that content, mash it together in an hilarious compilation, and create a YouTube sensation that in less than a week went viral, with over 15 million views.

It’s an indication of a marketing team that really understands online content and how to harness its power. Kids = YouTube gold. Halloween = topical. More targeted content than you can poke a stick at = great SEO results.

And here’s a look at the video for some cackles…


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