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With a clever plan behind it, content marketing can�t be beaten�

Clever, clever, clever, Jimmy Kimmel.

A few weeks ago, the US late-night talk show host put out a call for parents to film their children�s reactions to being told their parents had eaten all of their Halloween �candy�. He then asked them to post the results to YouTube with the title: �Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy�.

The response was overwhelming, but even more special was the cleverly thought out content procurement plan Jimmy Kimmel�s team of marketers had in place.

Firstly, without having to lift a finger, they had thousands of online videos for content, all featuring a title tag with Jimmy Kimmel�s name in it. With YouTube being owned by none other than Google, kings of search, you can only imagine what that did for the show�s SEO and online profile. What�s more, they were then able to leverage that content, mash it together in an hilarious compilation, and create a YouTube sensation that in less than a week went viral, with over 15 million views.

It�s an indication of a marketing team that really understands online content and how to harness its power. Kids = YouTube gold. Halloween = topical. More targeted content than you can poke a stick at = great SEO results.

And here�s a look at the video for some cackles�


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