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Want a better bum? There�s an app for that�

With the popularity � and variety � of apps rising by the day, it�s interesting that one industry that has jumped onboard wholeheartedly is the health and fitness industry. While once the idea of a computer � or your phone � contributing towards raising fitness levels would have been laughable, technology has found a way to embrace rather than alienate those trying to improve their general health and wellbeing.

Here are three of the best social apps for getting fitter, healthier and happier…

My Fitness Pal

As far as calorie counting goes, it doesn�t get much easier than the MyFitnessPal application. After downloading it, you simply enter your height and weight, along with your weight-loss goals, and the app calculates how many calories you should be consuming each day.

Then you can enter the food you�ve eaten daily, along with the exercise you�ve done, and the app will automatically calculate how many calories you have consumed. It�s perfect for keeping track of the vital energy equation that leads to weight-loss � and because it is a community-based app, you can also connect with others trying to improve their own health.


This app is great for anyone wanting to get a little moral support for your running efforts. Nike+GPS not only tracks your pace, route and distance, but it also allows you to connect with friends and other members of the community who are working out using the app.

It�s possible to find a running partner or even compete against another runner � and for all those exercise nuts who like to smugly post their efforts on Facebook, you�re not forgotten! The app allows you to share your run on Facebook while you�re doing it, and for every time a friend �likes� your activity you will receive a round of applause and cheering through your headphones � the perfect motivator!


The problem with beginning a running program is that most people think that after absolutely no training they can launch themselves into a long run without any problems. Generally, though, such an approach leads to either injury or rapid disillusionment, invariably resulting in quitting before seeing any results. Enter the C25K app�

The app (the name stands for Couch to 5 kilometres and shouldn�t be confused with the Y2K bug) allows you to gradually build up to a five-kilometre run by starting small and working on improving your stamina. It instructs you (over the top of your running music) when to walk, when to run and when to warm down. Gradually, you�re running further and longer than you ever thought possible, and the best part is it doesn�t even feel like too much work!



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