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When content makes a connection, it becomes an art form

Our post about culture jamming and guerrilla marketing, which raised concerns that the adoption of culture jamming by marketers, may end up killing the subversive, pop culture-driven movement has been one of The Message�s most popular. It�s also why it�s a delight to come across genuine �just-to-break-through-the-monotony� pieces of unexpected art.

Stickers on the Central Line is a Tumblr that showcases just that. The creators of the site clearly delight in designing official-looking stickers and place them on trains in the London Underground. Most are light-hearted and whimsical, and break through the oddly impenetrable veneer that Tube-riders work hard to cultivate. Like this…

Eye contactors will be prosecuted

The stickers have little purpose other than to forge a momentary connection with their audience in a place where connections (at least intentional ones � touching hands accidentally with the dirty guy in the overcoat doesn�t count) are hard to come by. For example…

It pays to find a seat that suits
Justice � Underground style

The deliciousness of sharing a private joke with a bored Tube passenger is obviously what fuels this entertaining initiative, but there are also some insightful socio-political statements being made, including…

And this…

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