Those killjoys at Apple have corrected auto-correct, but the memories live on at The Message

While the worst you could do on a mobile phone a few years ago was send an inappropriate drunk message (or perhaps throw it at someone in fury, if you�re Russell Crowe), the advent of the iPhone has meant that every day, thousands of people get themselves into digital pickles because of a feature that is actually meant to make the iPhone easier to use.

The autocorrect feature on the iPhone has caused so many miscommunications that it has spawned a number of websites, purely dedicated to airing the hilarious texting faux pas that come about due to this �helpful� little function. Here are a few doozies to keep you cackling�







Thigh-slappingly funny as these are, alas the feature has been improved so that less of these entertainingly confusing situations arise. After Android phones brought in a feature that allows the user to pick from a range of words, rather than simply changing it for them, Apple jumped onboard as well with its new operating system.

Thank God the Internet caught on and archived this hilarity before it was too late�


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