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Meow! Samsung stings Apple fans� again!

The Samsung/Apple feud has once again spilled out of the courtroom and into Samsung�s advertising campaign, with the latest Samsung commercial ridiculing (and cashing in on) the hype over the release of the iPhone 5. In the few days since its release it has already had over 13 million views on YouTube, and there are definitely some hearty LOLs in it for those who have followed the development of both brands� products over the last few years � or, for that matter, anyone who�s ever seen a line around the block at an Apple store.

The commercial is funny, sure, but more importantly it hits Apple consumers right where it hurts� their image. The technorati love to through words like �intuitive� and �form and function� around, but admitting that you�ve been brainwashed by the cult of Apple is not an easy thing.

If Apple�s image suffered a hit in the �cool� department, there is little doubt that consumers would start flocking to other products. Whether Samsung can achieve that hit remains to be seen, but the truth of the commercial obviously resonates � which is why it�s being shared around like a batch of office birthday cupcakes.


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