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Website ‘Funny or Die’ is going from strength to strength thanks to its engaging, interactive content

It’s five years old now, but the website Funny or Die is still worth shouting about because it takes the creation of engaging content can work.

The brainchild of aspiring comedian Michael Kvamme and founded by Will Ferrell’s production company (how’s that for comic credibility?), Funny or Die provides a template for interactive content. Videos and images are posted – by the site’s in-house team, users or some of the biggest names in the biz – then voted on by users.

If a video is a hit (meaning over 80 per cent of viewers have rated it funny after 100,000 views), it is made immortal. If it is a miss (less than 20% of viewers have rated it funny after 1000 views), it is left to die in the site’s crypt.

As an example of the sort of quality content the site features, this takes some beating…

From a content marketing perspective, though, Funny or Die also demonstrates the importance of syndicating content, particularly through social media channels. In this insightful and instructive video, the site’s Chief Operating Officer, Mitch Galbraith, explains how social media word of mouth has turned Funny or Day into one of the undoubted online-content success stories.


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