Digital Marketing: You Know ‘What?’ but do You Know ‘Why?’

Isn’t digital marketing fun!

So many things you can do: websites to build, apps to create, social media updates to post, emails to send. It never ends. No wonder everyone wants to work in digital. You can fill your day doing the sorts of things you do after work anyway. And you get paid for it; bonus!

If playing with shiny new things is…your thing, digital is irresistible.

There’s only one teensy weensy question that’s should be�asked by the buzz kill types (usually senior management): why are you doing it?

BEWARE: there are plenty of people who can tell you what you can do with digital, but far fewer who can look holistically at your brand and business and give you a commercially meaningful answer as to why you should do it. And, how digital strategies�can help you to achieve your sales and marketing objectives. Which they�can.

If you don’t have an integrated digital strategy – as opposed to a digital implementation plan – tread carefully. When you ‘do digital’ just for the sake, in all likelihood all that will happen is that you�will deplete your budget and have nothing to show for it. Apart from the shiny new things, of course.


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