4 Ways Your Digital Agency Could Mislead you

When venturing into the exciting world of the internet, every day could become April Fool�s Day � and you have to be on our toes or else you might come out looking like the fool. As a serious marketer though, staying on your guard is nothing new.

The digital age has really provided businesses of all sizes with great marketing opportunities. However, with great functionality comes great complexity, making the totality of digital marketing�s opportunities somewhat hard to grasp.

That�s why there are agencies out there ready to help out in times of need (as long as you have a budget, of course). The trouble is with so many agencies claiming to be digital experts, hiring the right one becomes another problem altogether. How can you tell if they know their stuff?

When you hear one or more of the following statements you may be talking to a bad one:

Social media is the answer to everything

No it�s not. Social media isn’t some magical wand that will make everything right. It could however be a great way of increasing brand awareness, publishing educational content and it’s a great channel for customer service. It all depends on your company’s needs. Sometimes starting a Instagram or Facebook account simply doesn’t make sense for some companies and brands. Lazy digital agencies play the social media card since it’s an easy way for them to make it look like they’re actually doing something.

Focus on the numbers

Don�t fall in love with hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook, millions of views on YouTube and countless followers on Twitter. The numbers don’t matter unless the likers, viewers and followers actually visit your website, buy your product or contact you directly in order to get more information. Analysing numbers is of course useful, but putting too much value in sudden peaks or troughs can be dangerous. A sudden peak could mean that your social media campaign works � it could also be luck or chance.

Digital efforts will cover up for your flaws

In his book The Social Media Manifesto, the author Jed Hallam compares social technology to make-up removal. Social media will put your company out there; it will make it more transparent and open to attacks. A Google search could give a potential customer access to that piece of information that you’ve been trying to hide. Meanwhile your social media channels could provide a dent in your armour and if you are unlucky, spin user interaction out of control. So you should focus on your business first, making sure that your brand is spotless and ready for thorough inspection.

Everyone else does it

This is true to some extent. More and more companies have started to see the value of digital marketing and social media in particular. The successful companies are however those who can identify their needs while putting down enough time to actually have their digital marketing make a difference.

There is of course more to it than these four aspects. Digital marketing is as much of a science as regular marketing, and an agency claiming something else just isn�t worth your time. So we hope that you enjoyed April Fool�s Day, hopefully without any digital marketing related worries.

OK, so maybe your current digital marketing agency�don’t�know their stuff � but we�ll help you out! Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to spot a great�agency for all your digital marketing needs.

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Image courtesy: artofmadmen.wordpress.com, tech2date.com

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