Dotcom’s getting jiggy

Kim Dotcom is apparently turning to music to pay his legal bills. Does anyone else see the irony in that?

Last month, The Message posed the question: Will NZ extradite Kim Dotcom? We are currently no nearer to a definitive answer on that point, but the heat on the controversial Megaupload founder does seem to have been turned down a degree or two with an Auckland judge relaxing Dotcom�s home detention conditions.

Which means the corpulent crim (allegedly, of course) can access the Internet, go for a daily swim and even access a recording studio two days a week.

It seems that to pay his �large� legal bills, Dotcom is planning to complete and release a dance album he began a year ago �with several international artists�. So presumably, it will be along the same lines as this:

�I think many people will be surprised,� Dotcom has said. Not least that he is choosing music to raise money when Megaupload has been accused of denying income to recording artists and companies�


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