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Dotcom’s getting jiggy

Kim Dotcom is apparently turning to music to pay his legal bills. Does anyone else see the irony in that?

Last month, The Message posed the question: Will NZ extradite Kim Dotcom? We are currently no nearer to a definitive answer on that point, but the heat on the controversial Megaupload founder does seem to have been turned down a degree or two with an Auckland judge relaxing Dotcom’s home detention conditions.

Which means the corpulent crim (allegedly, of course) can access the Internet, go for a daily swim and even access a recording studio two days a week.

It seems that to pay his ‘large’ legal bills, Dotcom is planning to complete and release a dance album he began a year ago ‘with several international artists’. So presumably, it will be along the same lines as this:

‘I think many people will be surprised,’ Dotcom has said. Not least that he is choosing music to raise money when Megaupload has been accused of denying income to recording artists and companies…


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