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Facebook launches ‘subscribe’ button

What impact will Facebook’s latest innovation have on content providers?

When Facebook launched its ‘like’ button to be used on external websites, it raised the stakes for good-quality content everywhere. Not only did it revolutionise the way users thought about sharing and content production, but it also made it possible for people to bring almost every aspect of their online lives into the one platform.

Over the past few years, Facebook has worked hard at sinking its fingers into every virtual pie in even the furthest reaches of the Internet – and have done a pretty decent job of it.

The launch of its latest external button, however, looks set to do for individual content creators what the like button did for content in general.

A spin-off from the subscribe feature that was recently integrated into Facebook, the subscribe button on websites other than Facebook allows you to keep tabs on the writer, moviemaker, artist or musician that made the content you’re impressed by.

It’s interesting to note that in the evolving world of content marketing, Facebook has been one of the most influential quality-control platforms out there – and the subscribe tool looks set to keep that tradition going strong.


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