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Feeling chirp-y

Forget emailing, blogging and tweeting – chirping could be about to revolutionise how online content is transmitted

The Smartphone evolution continues with the BBC reporting that a new iPhone app will, for the first time, allow images and other files to be shared between devices that haven’t been paired.

Called Chirp (and get ready for another technology-inspired new verb – chirping – to enter the lexicon), the app plays a two-second-long noise that sounds like robotic birdsong. When heard by other devices, it triggers a download.

Although currently limited to sending pictures, website links and 140-character messages, data can be sent to multiple devices at once – something Patrick Bergel, chief executive of developer Animal Systems, believes is ‘unique’.

And with advances to the fledgling technology, it is easy to see how it can be used by content marketers and advertisers. Indeed, Animal Systems is already focusing on offering ‘premium services’ to marketers and other businesses.

BBC technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, has been suitably impressed: ‘The simplicity and the sheer fun of an app that chirps information from one phone to another is hugely appealing, both retro and futuristic at the same time.’


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