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From Frenzy to failure

Why a content marketing campaign is only as good as the technology behind it

Poor Click Frenzy. Billed as Australia’s answer to the US’s Cyber Monday and hyped as the saviour of the Australian retail industry (by embracing the possibilities of e-tail), it was meant to be launched with a bang at 7pm last night. Instead, ‘the sale that stops the nation’ failed miserably due to serious technical issues that caused the site to go into meltdown, meaning would-be shoppers were only able to log on three hours into the planned 24-hour period.

Organisers had assured everyone that the site could cope with the traffic, but clearly that wasn’t the case. And, coming on the heels of similar problems for David Jones (which had eschewed Click Frenzy in favour of launching its own online sale extravaganza), it simply served to reinforce the impression that Australian retail is lagging behind the rest of the world because it has not yet got to grips with the Internet.

As Steve Ogden-Barned, a retail industry fellow at Deakin University told the Sydney Morning Herald, last night’s events were ‘an embarrassment’ for Aussie retailers ‘who treated online shopping as an afterthought’:

‘They say they are worried about losing sales offshore but many of the bigger players have never really taken this channel seriously… this just proves it.’

A soon-to-be released White Paper from Tick Yes addresses those very issues – and explains how retailers can use social media and online content to turn things around. And in the meantime, at least last night’s debacle has created some entertaining tweets and memes about the transition from #clickfrenzy to #clickfail…




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