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Frozen Friendships

Recently I reconnected on Facebook with some guys I hadnít had any contact with for over 30 years. We had been friendly at school but not friends.

Itís a strange thing looking at a personís life, albeit through the distorted lens of social media, when there has been such a long gap. Jolting is the word that comes to mind.

Wives, children, jobs, friends, holidays, emotions, victories, disappointments are laid bare to varying degrees depending on the personality of the person in question. Rapport and context are important parts of any relationship and re-connections invariably rely on memories of your last experiences. If those experiences were a long time ago itís sometimes hard to get a read on that person.

Of course itís quite a nice thing to re-connect with nice people and maybe Iím over-thinking this but it does make me think about similar experiences. Like when brands Ďgo socialí and expect everyone to follow them or to be fascinated in every photo, post or video. You havenít connected with me personally for decades and now youíre asking me to like your ĎArenít we happy itís the weekend!í comments. Does it really work that way?

Look, it can. But with any relationship there are some steps that you need to take; itís like being brought up to speed. Iíve wrihigh res versiontten a book about it called Customer Romance! Brands forget the steps at their peril. Miss a step or two and it feels weird and, quite frankly a little presumptuous.

Thatís not anyoneís intention of course but you canít just drop into someoneís life, inbox or newsfeed and expect that theyíre going to be instantly fascinated with everything that you do or say.


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