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Meet the man with the Midas marketing touch

It�s no secret that brilliant creative minds are in hot demand in the golden age of content marketing. Being able to create engaging content that will be shared � maybe even go viral � is a skill that most brands will pay big bucks for.

Someone that fits the bill perfectly is Christian Van Vuuren, a man who understands the concept of �viral� all too well. A few years ago, after a vaccination-less holiday through South America, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and put into isolation in hospital. He ended up having to remain there for over six months, and used the time to create a series of YouTube videos featuring him rapping about the experience:

Since his happy recovery, Van Vuuren has been putting his talents towards creating cringingly accurate portrayals of a certain type of sub-culture � the hipster � and in particular, the sub-sub-culture of the hipster who lives in Bondi.

Van Vuuren and his mate Nick Boshier have created the wildly popular YouTube series Bondi Hipsters, which features short webisodes highlighting the irony of the lifestyle many Bondi hipsters lead.

Here�s a particularly funny example:

But Bondi locals aren�t the only ones who think that these boys have some serious content-creating talent. Google recently flew them to the Olympics (along with their three production partners) and put them up for the duration of the games so that they could film a series of episodes based on the games. Google has also come on board (through YouTube) to promote the series as featured content.

He�s mates with Google, has a killer recipe for viral content, and clearly has his finger on the pulse when it comes to pop culture, and yet his strategy (as shared with The Vine) is astoundingly simple:

�Set a date, and shoot it… It�s so easy to talk about an idea, or to develop an idea forever, or to always dream of the perfect people to play the characters, or the perfect network to show it at the perfect time-slot… But just set a date, get some mates together, and shoot it. The technology is there now, and it�s affordable. You can have the same access to very similar quality technologies that fully fledged professional studios have got access to. Get a Canon 5D/7D and a copy of Final Cut, and you are well on your way! Then put it on YouTube and share the balls off it.�



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