Google goggles

The jump from science fiction to science fact is opening up a whole new world for content providers

‘Terminator-style’ glasses will soon be a reality thanks to Google

By the end of the year, content providers are not only going to have to think outside the box, but outside the computer (or tablet or Smartphone) screen. According to a couple of well-informed blogs from the New York Times and 9to5Google, a new project from Google�s top-secret �Google X� laboratory will see ‘Terminator-style’ glasses on sale to the public this year.

The word on the blogs, which comes from �unnamed� Google boffins, is that the so-called Google Goggles will be Android-based and include a small screen that will sit a few centimetres from the wearer�s eye. In terms of navigation, wearer�s will apparently need to tilt their heads to scroll and click.

According to 9to5Google�s Seth Weintraub, the process is �very quick to learn and once the user is adept at navigation, it becomes second nature and almost indistinguishable to outside users�.

The glasses are also said to feature an in-built lo-res camera � which is currently causing Google some privacy concerns (which is perhaps a little ironic), as people need to know if/when they are being filmed. With 3G or 4G data connection and access to a range of Google offerings like Google Maps, it takes connectivity to a new level, theoretically showing users information about locations and even where nearby friends are hanging out.

For content providers, the most interesting aspect is that the goggles use images rather than text or voice to conduct web searches. Which serves to prove The Message�s point that online content these days HAS to be about more than words on a page.

The glasses are expected to retail for between US$250 and US$600 � about the price of a Smartphone. A brave new content world is upon us�


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