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Brain surgery becomes social media content              

From tweeting during labour to doing it (tweeting, that is) while artificially inseminating a giant panda, it seems no medical procedure is too private (or yucky, come to that) to be turned into social media content.

But this has been taken to a whole new level by Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, which live-tweeted throughout surgery to remove a tumour from a 21-year-old woman’s brain.

Supported by video uploads on YouTube and photos (complete with ‘graphic content’ warning) via Twitter and Pinterest, surgeon Dr Dong Kim carried out the successful operation in the social media spotlight while colleague Dr Scott Shepard responded to questions online.

Both doctors argue that using social media in such a way ‘serves an educational purpose’. But what are your thoughts. Should there be limits to where social media goes – particularly if it’s inside someone’s head? Literally…

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