Has it Been That Long?

Hello. Anyone there?

The last time I�uploaded a post was in August. Seriously. That long ago. Do you remember what you were doing in August? Me either.

What more can I say other than �I have failed you!� You have gone Tick Yes blog-less for almost three months. Inexcusable.

you-have-failed-this-city-4Of course there are 500+ previous posts that you can access any time for your consuming pleasure, day or night, we never close. Then there’s also the small matter of 260 million other blogs you can also visit.

But that doesn�t really cut it, does it. In this disposable, fast paced world reading a post from March 2011 is not particularly appealing no matter how well written it is. Assuming you think it�s well written which is another story altogether!

We used to post 2-3 times per day which was exhausting. And stressful. We walked the talk and we truly were a publisher, exactly like we tell our clients they should be. Boy, it was hard work! Doing that for clients is one thing but doing it for ourselves where we have so many other priorities – like looking after the aforementioned clients – is another thing altogether.

I have tried to assuage my guilt for my posting sloth and indolence over the past few months but it doesn�t work. Slack is slack.

So for you, our loyal � and patient � readers, this post gives you signs of life. We�ve just been REALLY busy, too busy to upload any new well researched and considered posts for some time.

Will you forgive me?



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