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Hitting the sweat spot

Nike Mexico’s new social media content marketing campaign makes an interesting case study

Those people at Nike Mexico have got some cajones. They also have a very cool marketing campaign driven by social media content – primarily Facebook. Can’t see the connection? Then allow us to elaborate…

For years, Nike had a reputation for having its products made by poor kids in sweatshops. So to create a content marketing campaign built around the premise of paying for something in sweat rather than money – thereby drawing attention to some of the sports apparel giant’s less than socially responsible past practices – is a pretty gutsy move.

But leaving that aside, the Facebook campaign is a good one. Essentially, users enter an online auction, only they bid kilometres instead of dollars (well, pesos). Across the 15-day auction period, people can go for a run, log the number of Ks travelled on their Nike+ Smartphone app and bid them. If they’re outbid, they simply have to run more kilometres and have another go.

As US marketing website socialcommerce.com points out, this clever content campaign ‘reinforces the Nike brand user image of competitive sports people, reinforces the Nike brand campaign #makeitcount (and the audacious attempt to brand and own ‘energy’ with the new Nike+ fuelband), and reinforces the brand itself that’s built on selling performance not shoes.’

Which, brand-wise, is a lot better than reinforcing the image of being manufactured in a sweatshop!


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