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Horror ‘Story’

How would you feel if your content was accidentally deleted?

When it comes to content, Pixar Animation Studios have produced some of the most trailblazing, iconic and popular of the last two decades. From Toy Story to Brave, via Nemo, Wall-E and Up, the creative minds at Pixar have crafted content that wows.

In one instance, though, that very nearly didn’t happen. Toy Story 2 was finished and ready to reaffirm the world’s love affair with Woody, Buzz and the gang when someone mistakenly instructed a computer to start deleting everything on the file system.

Staff watched in horror as, bit-by-bit, one-by-one, the characters started to vanish – potentially meaning a year’s more work for 30 people, and millions added to the film’s production bill.

But like any good Pixar story, there was a happy ending as back-up files were found on the home computer of supervising technical director Galyn Susman, who had spent large parts of the project working from home due to having recently had a baby.

And in typical Pixar style, here’s the studio’s own animated account of the whole near-disaster. And you thought losing an unpublished tweet was bad!

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