How to Pick an Excellent Digital Agency

Previously, we discussed which agencies to avoid in the jungle of digital marketing. As there are quite a lot of digital marketing success stories out there, one has to come to the conclusion that not all agencies are bad. That’s why we’re now going to give you a four-step method to assess whether your digital agency is a keeper:

They listen

Regardless of how many companies they’ve worked with, how many success stories they have under their belt or how shiny their awards are – a good agency knows that every business is different, as is every target audience. Nor does a good agency try and take things over, after all you are the one with all the facts and inside information and expertise within your field. A good agency knows that it can only offer a good solution if it gets a clear enough view of the problem. Collaboration is key.

They know what they’re doing

The most successful digital marketing campaigns tend to be fun, smart and sometimes outright crazy. How about a twitter fueled race for instance, or a casual jump from space. We’d all like to think that success is a result of a deus ex machina, that sudden stroke of creative genius. History does however tell us about a number of failed (and plain stupid) campaigns out there, those that weren’t saved by the god of creativity (and discretion). What a good marketer knows and a bad one doesn’t – is that they are the ones we can really learn from and it takes a lot of knowledge and planning not to step into those traps. A good agency knows that digital marketing can be associated with great risk to your brand’s reputation – and sales – and takes that into consideration. A good agency has learned from its mistakes – an agency that hasn’t had its fair share of mistakes has just been plain lucky.

They get results

Ok, this one’s a no-brainer. You wouldn’t hire a digital agency if you didn’t expect that they will help you to achieve good results. Often the results that matter are the concrete ones, those that make sure that you will be able to grow your business. If your agency can help you extend market share, increase sales or improve ROI in some way, then they�re probably well worth the money. Just remember that abstract results like an increased social media following, open rates and clicks have some value, but they’re just the means to an end. The end, and the main game, is your growth.

They’ll have you coming back for more

There is something special about some agencies. It’s their way of professionally running a business and treating its clients with respect and their brands with dignity. A really good agency will not just do a job, they will live for it.  They’re passionate about working with you to make you – and them – look like stars. That�s the agency you want.

Have you ever experienced when a good agency works its magic? Or when a bad one tries to get away with cheap tricks? Please tell us about it.

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