How to Maximise Content SEO

Three content considerations that affect your SEO

Brands are increasingly realising that SEO and quality content go hand-in-hand. We�ve blogged before about the importance of good content in Google�s new algorithm, with the search giant placing greater emphasis on original, valuable copy as opposed to keyword-rich back-links.

Which means high search rankings require an integrated SEO/content production program that maintains originality and integrity without neglecting those all-important search considerations.

Here are three points to consider�

Quality content needs a balance between well-written copy and SEO keywords

Quality content needs a balance between well-written copy and SEO keywords

Although content can be many things in the online world, words will always have their place. Handled properly, the rhythm, style and rhetoric of website copy engage consumers. But as soon as you compromise the integrity of the writing by injecting it with SEO-designed keywords at every turn, consumers balk. Not only does the quality of the content suffer, but it becomes obvious that you care more about Google rankings than satisfied customers. And a high search ranking means nothing if the number of site visits fail to result in marketing targets being met.

Like good cosmetic surgery, the injection of SEO keywords/phrases into your copy should be strategically placed, enhancing your offering and blending seamlessly into the style of the work and the voice of your company. In other words, don�t let your copy end up looking like Cher!

Headings enhance SEO and content readability

The layout of your page is important in terms of how Google reads it, so creating relevant headings that tie your work together not only make reading more accessible, but allow more opportunities to inject those keywords to cement the message of your content, thus making it easier to find. In terms of coding, you can also play around with these headings to make sure they�re given priority in terms of weighting with Google.

Social media content likely to improve search rankings

While it�s not yet clear how social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will impact on Google�s search algorithm, there have been stirrings from Google HQ about making search �more social�. With communication trends increasingly entwined in social media, it�s a fair bet that social will play an even bigger role in the rankings. Keeping content fresh and consumers engaged through social media is crucial in this changing age of search.


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