How to Succeed with Google Search


Google search is the ultimate search engine tool that is widely utilised by consumers to search for products, services and information about anything that could catch their attention. Retailers understand that consumers nowadays are infinitely smarter than their predecessors and can easily utilise search engines to look for what they want on the Internet.


However, to help make their products reach their target audience, they do have to make sure that they show up on those search engines. With the help of search engine optimisation (SEO), all this was fairly easy to achieve, but what will one do now that Google Search is getting a makeover which will make the old SEO tricks null and void. So what do the retailers who depend on Google do? They get in with the times and set their sails to catch the winds of change. With the help of the following tips, you can strategise and successfully utilise the new Google Search.

Be Committed

At first it was easy to fool Google�s SEO system with just a few well placed keywords and other factors that helped the content show up as the main search result for Google. And that was it. The post could be around 3 years old and your blog could have no new content but Google would still show it. You can say goodbye to shortcuts like that now. You�ll have to continuously post new content and ensure that even if you don�t have quality, your quantity can help push you into the results.

Be Interesting

It�s as simple as that. You might think that you are pretty interesting but trust me; it�s something that is easily assumed but harder to accomplish. There are tons of people who are funny, loud and wacky on the Internet, but try to post  things that will distinguish you from the rest of the market. Interesting content gets more hits, more views, more followers and just more of everything.

Don�t do Anything by Halves

Google�s SEO was pretty easy to trick. All you had to do was tweak the right elements a bit and then you were set. However, the new update ensures that you can�t just tweak your way into the search results. You�ll have to start working on producing content and other materials that is not only relevant but is also completely integrated with Google�s search engine for optimal content optimisation.

No More Shortcuts

Long story short, Google just cut off all your shortcuts to get your content to the top of the search results. However, it�s something which is still relevantly new. Give it some time and the faithful interwebs will work out some loopholes for you to manipulate. In the meanwhile, get some content writers and chain them to their desks. Writing new content for every post isn�t easy and it looks like it�ll be a really long night.


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