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How content marketing creates and enhances brand personality

You may not have heard of �Jungle� Jack Hanna, but this zookeeper is roughly the US equivalent of Steve Irwin. And, just as the Croc Hunter clearly did before his untimely death, he�s a man who understands that his brand is built around his personality � and that content marketing through the best use of stories is the perfect way to enhance that brand and raise its profile.

When Hanna took over as Director of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium it was struggling. In fact, it was rated the second worst zoo in the country. Now, though, it is regarded as the best � thanks to content marketing.

Hanna created content through his stories and personality and disseminated it through a variety of media channels from cable TV to, more recently, online. In doing so he raised the profile of the zoo and raised money for it, allowing him to redevelop its facilities and transforming it into a truly world-class offering.

In this short video of a speech he gave at Content Marketing World 2012, Hanna explains how content marketing worked for him and the zoo � and, by extension, how it can work for any brand.



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