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IKEA’s green machine

Content marketing meets eco-friendly products in IKEA’s latest – and possibly cleverest – initiative

For anyone who has ever wandered the fluorescent-lit labyrinth of an IKEA store and wondered when those big fake electronics they use in their displays would turn into real ones, the answer may be just around the corner.

Renowned for its clever content-marketing campaigns, IKEA’s latest gimmick is a fully recyclable, fully functional cardboard digital camera.

Dubbed the ‘Knappa’ (it’s not an IKEA product unless it has at least one set of double letters), the camera is capable of holding 40 photographs and is part of a campaign to encourage customers to take pictures of the IKEA-bought furniture in their homes and share them with the world via social media.

IKEA insists that the Knappa does not signal the store’s long-anticipated foray into electronics, but is instead another way for customers to continue the IKEA experience (long after the swearing is over and those pesky ‘extra’ screws have been thrown out). The Knappa will be handed out for free to accompany a new line of ‘retrospective’ furniture, which will see some old IKEA favourites re-made from more sustainable materials.

Since IKEA’s business model of mass-production and somewhat temporary, disposable furniture has been called into question by environmentalists over the past few years, creating more eco-friendly products is a smart move. But marketing it through social media (and getting the customers to do the actual work) could be a stroke of genius.

Here’s designer Jesper Kouthoofd talking about the Knappa:


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