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It may seem pointless � and even dangerous � but Facebook is about to be featured in car consoles

Although it is now a staple of cyberspace, Facebook hasn’t yet made it into outer space (as far as we know, although we are happy to be corrected by any astronaut currently inhabiting the International Space Station). But the way things are going, having the ubiquitous F built into the control panel of whatever�extraterrestrial transport pod replaces the space shuttle.

There is a theory, popularised by Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson, that whatever appears in the latest Mercedes model will quickly be copied by every other�automobile manufacturer (and, presumably, �NASA boffins) and become standard issue in every car within a couple of years. Which means that you can forget about reversing cameras and navigation displays, because the console screen in your next car is going to be all about… Facebook.

That’s right. Never mind the fact that Facebook is sprinting towards�signing up its mind-boggling billionth user and the fact that Mercedes drivers can already access the social media network in their cars via Smartphones and tablets, because a new Reuters’ report reveals that ‘Mercedes-Benz USA is bringing Facebook to its cars, with a special version of the service that is built-in to a new in-vehicle telematics system.’

Check out this video from Mashable…

For safety reasons, the Facebook showcased in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Class will be drastically stripped down, meaning the likes of games-playing will be impossible. Which rather begs the question: why bother?

According to Dan Rose, Facebook Vice President of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, the Mercedes version of Facebook ‘reflects the social networking service’s expansion to a growing list of settings where screens and internet connections are available.’

It seems Facebook’s world domination is almost complete. Next stop: the cosmos…


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