Infographic: Social Media: What Are You Afraid Of?

Many organisations have either thrown social media into the ‘too hard’ basket or they’re doing it poorly. Often it’s the youngest member of the marketing team “who’s always on Instagram” who gets appointed without any plan to manage the social media face of multi-million dollar organisations. Or every post, tweet and photo is about how wonderful the organisation is.


Digital marketing infographic


But without doubt the worst thing organisations do is to do nothing lest ‘something goes wrong’. The conversations go something like this: there are risks in allowing customers to have a say (what a concept!!) on social media so�it’s best we don’t give them the chance. The problem is, your customers are going to say what they think whether you’re there or not. Isn’t it better to be part of the conversation, to correct misinformation and build brand awareness / equity?

Our infographic outlines five fears about social media that we’ve encountered with organisations and ways to address them.


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