Instagram announces Android app

DIY content producers now have another reason to be �appy!

In a highly anticipated move that has whipped non-iPhone users into a frenzy not seen since the announcement of the Angry Birds android app, popular photo sharing and editing app Instagram will soon be available for android.

In the words of Christina Bonnington for Wired Magazine: �The Instagram party is about to go from a few cocktails with friends into a raging kegger.�

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom recently confirmed the app was fast-approaching, sharing glimpses of the new technology, which is still in beta-testing mode.

For the many Android users, who have thus far been excluded from the app that everyone�s talking about, the news is very welcome.

Alison Foreman, a former iPhone user who has switched to the Android system, says that Instagram is the thing she misses most about her old phone: �As far as functionality and ease of use, my Android matches my iPhone pretty closely. I used to love Instagram though, and really miss it, so I�m thrilled it will be available for me to get re-addicted!�

With Android users still outnumbering iPhone users by a decent margin, Instagram�s latest move could potentially double or even triple its fan base. iPhone users, be warned: your days of smugly chatting about the latest shots on Instagram in front of jealous Android friends are numbered!


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