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Video receives almost 13 million hits in four days

Professional rally driver Ken Block knows a thing or two about content marketing. When he�s not behind the wheel (or skateboarding, snowboarding or motorcrossing), Ken is Chief Brand Officer of the company he co-founded, DC Shoes.

So perhaps it�s no surprise that his series of high-octane, adrenaline-pumping �Gymkhana Project� YouTube videos (used as a neat marketing device for the brand in a prime example of the sort of approach we talked about here) should have proved so popular.

But even Ken has to be blown away by the attention the latest contribution to the series has received. Gymkhana Five, filmed in San Francisco with the assistance of the local authorities, was posted online on 9 July, Four days later it has, at time of writing, received a staggering 12,971,447 views.

The success of the clip shows how effective social media and content marketing can be � especially if appealing content lies at the heart of it. It also, perhaps, shows the difference in attitude between those who predominantly turn to social media as an information source and those who continue to rely on traditional media.

In its coverage of the story, the Sydney Morning Herald rather sniffily referred to Block as a �hoon�. To his legion�s of online followers though (who are doubtless happily sporting DC Shoes apparel), the term �legend� would be more accurate.


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