Instant interaction

Is this the future of content marketing?

Regular readers of The Message will know that we frequently feature stories relating to the demise of traditional publishing while, paradoxically, exhorting companies to initiate content marketing strategies that centre on thinking like traditional publishers.

But there is actually a middle ground � one that may both appeal to businesses and brands who want to get their message across but are not � yet � fully willing to embrace the �I am publisher� ethos and may give printed magazines, newspapers and even books a new lease on life.

Blippar is an image-recognition phone app �aimed at bringing to life real-world newspapers, magazines, products and posters with exciting augmented reality experiences and instantaneous content�. Essentially, you download the app, then point your smartphone at a �blipped� static image and, hey presto, it comes to interactive life before your eyes.

Not surprisingly, given his penchant for innovation, Sir Richard Branson has already incorporated it into some of his Virgin offerings. You can see the results here…

And a number of forward-thinking brands are already getting in on the act, with the likes of Heinz and Cadbury making their product packaging �blippable� as a means for creating instant online content in the form of information and even interactive competitions.

So is this sort of instant interaction the future of content marketing? Blipping heck, yes!


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