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iPad Android Users Move to PC Tablets

In the end it will be the limits of devices like the iPad and Android mobiles that will lead their users to the PC tablets like Microsoft’s Surface, or so said Windows mogul Bill Gates.


Gates spoke to CNBC recently, saying among other things that Microsoft is implementing strategies to challenge Apple for a share in the tablet market.

“A lot of those users are frustrated, they can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have an office there, so we’re providing them with the benefits of something they’ve seen and made that a big category, but without giving up what they expect in a PC,” he said of iPad and Android tablet users.

Gates has never been a big fan of the iPad, or even a fan for that matter.

“There’s nothing on the iPad I look at and say ‘Oh, I wish Microsoft had done it,” he famously said three years ago.

“I think Bill Gates is basically right. The iPad’s operating system (iOS) is too limited to let customers make full use of the hardware.  It’s even too limited for smartphones at the moment, as a comparison with Android easily demonstrates.  Business users of tablets want to be able to do more than the iPad allows, and that’s where Microsoft’s opportunity lies within the tablet market,” said ‘Undersigned’ over The Guardian.

If there are people who want Microsoft Office for iPad, there isn’t much of a clamor online, maybe because they realize such a campaign is futile. There are however, tons of iPad users who wish iPad supported Flash, something Windows 8 on Surface products can play.

While it is worth mentioning Windows 8 will only play Flash for sites not blacklisted by Microsoft.  For some iPad users this is better than nothing.

What else might iPad users want—or at least eye enviously—on a Surface table?

USB ports – When iPad was first launched and there was no USB port, the users went crazy.  While Apple has since worked around the problem with iCloud and those godsend ‘parcel’ apps like Dropbox, Surface users can just plug and play.

“(USB) offer great connectivity to outside devices…Just because Apple didn’t go with USB doesn’t mean iPad users don’t want it,” said ‘Doug’ over Tabtimes.

Stronger Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi problems continue to plague some iPad models.  Sometimes the distance between the iPad and the router is both the problem and the solution.  Sometimes the iPad tries to use another network not active in the area.  Surface tablets use 2X2 MIMO antennas touted to have the strongest Wi-Fi capability.

A better kickstand – Well yes, many will say that this isn’t really a big deal but sometimes even the little details matter after all, and Surface products are more stable when they need to be, like when viewing or presenting something to clients.

But those who prefer iPad to Surface are not in short supply either.

One user said he prefers visiting social media on his iPad saying it has a social media app for everything and surfing is a smoother experience.  He said doing the same on his Surface tablet is sluggish and the tablet itself lacks many of the key features useful for “heavy-duty” social media.

Another user said he also prefers gaming on his iPad as opposed to his Surface tablet.  Others have also praised the iPad for being lighter and having a better camera.

While Apple is currently leading the tablet market, IDC said Surface products have made it to the top five tablet devices during the first quarter of 2013 posting a 1.9% share with 900,000 shipments. Microsoft has hinted a newer version of Surface will be available in June.


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