Is Apple losing its rosiness?

Apple has quietly changed one of its biggest claims � and biggest selling points…

It may still be worth around US$600 a share, but there are certain signs that Apple may be losing its rosiness in the eyes of the consumer.

First came the embarrassing backtrack regarding the 4G capabilities of the new iPad and now the tech giant has been forced to drop one of its biggest � and most sales-enhancing � claims: that Macs don�t get viruses.

Which means this memorable TV ad can be assigned to history (aka YouTube)…

Also history is the claim on Apple�s own website about the safety features of the Mac. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, the page used to state: �It doesn�t get PC viruses. A Mac isn�t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers. That�s thanks to built-in defences in Mac OS X that keep you safe without any work on your part. With virtually no effort on your part, OS X defends against viruses and other malicious applications, or malware.�

As a result of the news earlier in the year that around 500,000 Macs had been infected with a Trojan virus called Flashback � with Apple taking three months to provide a fix for the virus � the company has quietly dropped the old claim, quietly replacing it a week ago with the rather broader �it�s built to be safe.


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